Sunday, October 14, 2012

Forged in Battle 15mm Polish Black Brigade To Be Released End Of October

Back in April, Forged in Battle Miniatures provided previews of their upcoming Early War Polish Black Brigade 15mm figures.  Since then, the release of the figures seems to have fallen off the radar.

In checking on the Forged in Battle Facebook page, I found a recent posting from Forged in Battle that the Polish Black Brigade figures are scheduled for release at the end of October.

I am just ecstatic.  I have slowly been building up a Flames of War Early War Polish army, but have been a little disheartened due to the lack of options in figures (a good number of the figures needed to field a Polish army were never released by Battlefront, and the suggestion in the army book is to use figures from other army's ranges), plus the fact that the Flames of War Polish infantry figures were of, in my opinion, a lower quality (though the Flames of War Polish vehicles were pretty good).  With the possible upcoming release of the Black Brigade figures, I am now extremely motivated to get my Polish Mechanized Company completed.

What's so special about the release of these figures?  Well... Forged in Battle produces outstanding quality figures at the 15mm scale, probably some of the best I have seen for the World War 2 range.  Also, and more importantly, the Black Brigade is the most famous and accomplished of all of the Polish units during the German invasion in 1939.  They are the only Polish World War 2 military unit not to lose a single battle.  To be honest, I was surprised that Flames of War never came out with specific Black Brigade figures (though they did detail the unit's exploits in the Blitzkrieg rulebook).

Hopefully Forged in Battle will be releasing these figures on schedule.  When they are released, I will review them and conduct a comparison with the only other existing 15mm Black Brigade figures currently produced, those released by Old Glory/True North miniatures.

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